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Ogle Mini / Nostalgia NC 1000 Mini

Hi there,

Came across this interesting community last week, when trying to find out more about the 1959 Ascort. Nice little thread with very interesting cars.
Wanted to contribute with one I came across today, the Nostalgia NC 1000. It's an exact replica of the Ogle Mini. Ogle also did a very interesting Aston Martin AMS V8, which was on auction on 12feb at Christie's during the Retromobile in Paris. Haven't found any info on that, but the Ogle Mini itself is a very interesting car.

I don't see anything on uploading a picture here. Is that at all possible? Or are the pics on here only links to other sites?

Well, go and have a look at the Nostalgia NC 1000 here:

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