Dressed up and messed up. (lysergic_orange) wrote in concept_cars,
Dressed up and messed up.

Prototype Ramcharger.

It was probably 97 or 96. Me and my friends were driving down near 19 and schoener. This SUV we never saw before pulled up beside us. It was a Dodge Ramcharger. But it was made out of the current(at the time) Ram pickup. I mean it was a Ram made into a two door full size SUV like the old ones. It had badges that said Ramcharger on the side and manufacturers plates.

We reasoned that this was a prototype being tested. But we never saw it in magazines or at the auto shows. I just checked the web and there is no information to be found. I must say, as a car nut, I feel lucky to have been one of the few people to have been on that road at that time and have seen it.

I wish I knew someone who worked at Daimler-Chrysler to ask about it.
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