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Concept Cars

The Stars of the Show!

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Concept Cars - the cars that never made it, yet - as often as not - paved the way for the vehicles you and I drive today, and particularly those our parents and grandparents drove yesterday.

As long as cars have existed people have tried to make them better: the concept car was a way of putting all that technology into one neat package, then - glory of glories! - selling it to the general public.

Not that they'd ever buy anything so far-out and wacky, of course - but just maybe, if they saw the rocket-ship taillights and half-circle speedo on that new Buick, they might think of the sleek, shiny machine they saw at last year's auto show, and imagine themselves behind the wheel of this pastel-and-chrome beauty, driving sedately home by way of Mars...

This community celebrates the glory of the golden years of concept cars - the 'fifties and 'sixties - mourns the death of the genre through the 'eighties; and the new dawn of the '90s.

Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together please, as we give you... the Future you never had!

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